Saturday, September 16, 2006

Big Play Dave

Hokies 36, Blue Devils 0. The world lets out a collective yawn, wonders when VA Tech plans to play a real actual football team (September 30, vs. Georgia Tech).

David Clowney has been my favorite player on the Hokies for a long time now, mostly because he's been here since about 1806. I liked him at first because his name makes me titter like a schoolgirl, but he has slowly blossomed into a big play receiver and the leader of the Hokie receivers. He went for 120 yards today, which is completely irrelevant to the following anecdote.

A friend of mine says he saw him at a bar downtown last night - he recognized him due to the fact that one of the people he was with is friends with Dave. This person claims that Dave called him recently and asked if he wanted to come over to, and I quote my friend "triple team some girl". This guy declined - no word on whether Dave decided to simply double team her or called off the entire endeavor out of disappointment. The moniker that I have given him, "Big Play Dave", will never sound the same to me again.


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