Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Notes from the weekend

Another one of these, because I'm a lazy bum and I can't think of a good topic.

- I don't want to go on about the Hokies too much. They won handily at UNC 35-10, a score which masks the ineptitude of the offense, specifically the passing game. The first two Hokie touchdowns were set up by an interception and a punt block, another came directly from an interception return, and a 4th involved a pass from "quarterback of the future" Ike Whitaker. Sean Glennon threw for 66 yards. Running back Branden Ore is basically the entire offense at this point - he's real good, but the lack of any sort of passing game is going to end in heartache.

- The Redskins lost 19-16 on the least shocking missed field goal ever. John Hall is to kicking what, presumably, Dakota Fanning would be to kicking - a little girl who can't kick the ball very far. The loss wasn't really Hall's cross to bear - a few key penalties down the stretch (Raiders type penalties - unsportsmanlike conducts and the like) buried the Skins in the final few minutes. Maybe it was Norv Turner throwback night and they forgot to tell the fans.

- I've finally figured out who Roger Federer reminds me of. This guy

- The NL MVP race seems to be coming down to Ryan Howard vs. Albert Pujols. Both fine selections - I like Howard's advantage in games played (140-125) but I'm a bit biased so don't listen to me. Carlos Beltran has also been discussed as a candidate, and he'd be okay as well - in fact, given his defense, he may be a better choice than either of the other two. Not to be missed, though, is the phenomenal season Miguel Cabrera is having. Most of the talk around the Marlins has been about their strong crop of rookies, but Cabrera is still only 23 (according to his bio, at least) and currently sports a 1017 OPS. He has increased that number every season that he has been in the majors. He is as good as any young position player in the league, and the Marlins would be fools to trade him.

- I watched Mona Lisa over the weekend; I had recently watched The Long Good Friday and wanted to round out my Bob Hoskins collection. Mona Lisa's a better movie, but The Long Good Friday has the better Hoskins performance. Michael Caine shows up because it was a movie made anywhere at any time during the 80's, so he was contractually obligated to appear. Clarke Peters also shows up as a sleazy pimp - it's odd to see him in a non-David Simon role (watch The Wire). His character is 100% the opposite of Det. Lester Freamon (watch The Wire). Plus it's an English movie, which is really incongruous with his usual role (watch The Wire). Yes, this entire section was a thinly-veiled excuse for me to harangue you about watching The Wire. Watch The fucking Wire already. Sunday, 10:00, HBO.


Blogger David Bowie said...

I'd like to believe that even as distinguished a look-alike doubles team as Federer-Quentin would lose to Sampras-Paul O'Neill. Paul would wipe the floor with such a wimp as Quentin.

Wed Sep 13, 02:50:00 AM EDT  
Blogger David Bowie said...

Hell, even Moby or some such shaven partner for Agassi could destroy Quentin at any athletic endevour.

Wed Sep 13, 02:51:00 AM EDT  

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