Monday, November 27, 2006


There's been a lot writen about the new massive contracts being handed out around the league. People are now gushing that even Manny Ramirez's contract looks reasonable these days, and he may indeed be traded. But where was all of this money back in July when the Yankees picked up Abreu and his contract, some $30 million over the next two years?
Boston just bid $51 million to speak to Matsuzaka, will sign him to a further hugh deal, and is expected to sign J.D. Drew for gigantic money as well. Houston finished only a few games out, and just spent $100 million on Carlos Lee. Both the Angels and Dodgers, who just paid $50 million each for a pair of overrated centerfielders, were also in close races. Abreu hit .330/.419/.507 over the final two months of the season, and these offseason developments just make that deal look better. As for the Phillies, they tried to use the money saved for a Soriano bid, and today settled on using it on Adam Eaton.


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