Monday, August 14, 2006

Recently in Sad Roster News

  • Vinny Castilla is alive and well and living in Denver. Despite the fact that the Rockies' third baseman, Garrett Atkins, is hitting as well as Alex Rodriguez, the team has signed the ancient Castilla to a minor league contract, mostly for sentimental reasons. As the article says, "some of Castilla's most productive years came in purple pinstripes". It still seems amazing that the Padres traded a starting pitcher for him last offseason, albeit a pitcher who has been injured all year.
  • Another once great fantasy player is gone. Preston Wilson has been DFA'd by the Astros. Mookie Wilson's nephew/stepson was the only player Florida got for Mike Piazza that ever did anything in the majors. They of course traded him and Charles Johnson for Juan Pierre and Mike Hampton, who they sent to the Braves but are still paying his contract? Old trades and old players. Maybe Preston's agent will mention that when he calls the Royals today. I'm sure someone will take a 30ish outfielder who has struck out 1041 times in 3828 abs. Doesn't Barry Bonds need a backup?
  • This should not qualify as news. Mark Prior went back to the DL and will probably miss the rest of the season. Luckily for Cubs fans, their season was already lost some time ago.That and Cesar Izturis is hitting .238/.286/.319 since the trade!


Blogger Craig said...

"Purple pinstripes" - two words that pretty much sum up the entire existence of the Colorado Rockies. They're like the little kid version of a Major League Baseball team. Short attention span, terrible taste.

Mon Aug 14, 09:12:00 PM EDT  

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