Thursday, January 17, 2008

NBA Pioneers

We live in dark and troubling times for the National Basketball Association. Michael Jordan continues to hide his diminishing basketball skills by distracting us with his general managing prowess. The Knicks continue to deny New Yorkers their rightful place upon the throne of glory. The Bulls hope in vain to see a slumbering Ben Wallace emerge and offer up a few points before curling up in his nest of money and spittle. Truly, all things Basketball have been in better shape. Some fear that the NBA, and indeed all of sports writing in general, shall never recover from the continued omnipresence of Bill Simmons and his Celtics.

But let's return to our roots, let us go backwards in time to find a renewed wellspring of hope and purity. Farther back than World B. Free, further back than the 10,oooth woman to feel Wilts loving caress, further back than imagined. Back to a time when all was new in Basketball, when one figure stood tall above every new discovery, the one who started it all...

Harriet Tubman - NBA pioneer.

In the early days of Basketball discovery, black men and women were kept uneducated, in order to ensure white dominance on the courts. In these times stepped Harriet, a leader of men and a wicked three-point shot. Harriet quickly emerged as a civil rights pioneer. Under cloak of night, Tubman would lead the slaves to the free lands where they could perfect their court vision without fear of a southern populace denying them.

Harriet Tubman went on to perfect both the pick and roll and the steal. During the Civil War, Harriet Tubman invented the back door pass, which lead to many crippling southern losses on the court. This morale crushing dominance has been said to help lead to the south surrendering.

In order to ensure a better tomorrow, we cannot discard the past. We must never forget the towering contribution made by this amazing woman.

Harriet Tubman - Legend, Pioneer, Champion.



Blogger Lord Benne said...

Yes, but was Tubman as proficient at the finger roll?

Thu Jan 17, 05:11:00 PM EST  
Blogger Sycophantman said...

She wasn't much on the finger roll, but her turnaround jumper burned Atlanta to the ground...

Fri Jan 18, 06:30:00 AM EST  

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