Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Guest post by Choppy Wilkes

So, as any of you who have friends like mine (specifically, my friend F. Scott) know, pool is an excellent game to play. F. Scott has a pool table at his home in West Egg, and all his other friends and I enjoy making use of it. The walls surrounding the pool table are occasionally a bit tight and have framed pictures of John Ellway, but F. Scott has tiny cues for making shots in that area (wait, is the stick the cue or is that the white ball?). In any event, I have found that watching pool on television (ESPN 8) is only a little bit less fun than playing pool while drunk (I am not as good when I am drunk, unlike how every asshole you know claims to be).
So when my younger brother (a spry 12-year old named Jank who knows more about every sport than I do about any given subject) changed our television channel from Comedy Central's airing of every MADtv episode ever to ESPN 8's coverage of lady's pool, I was initially borderline enthused, and then confused.
As a staunch feminist (why not?) I believe that there should be fewer gender divisions in business and theater and whatever. I guess I can understand the logic of making separate leagues for men's and women's basketball (do they count as leagues? Or associations?), but separate pool leagues doesn't make any sense to me. I fully believe that men and women have the potential to be equally good at pool (unless I missed something. Does women's pool have slightly larger and softer white balls [cues, maybe?]?). Jank had an explanation, something about trying to have more or fewer people in a league or something, but I was coming up with my own explanation: men would be unable to play pool while looking at a pair of these (see Fig. 1 --->).
Seriously, Karen Corr. The audience in that 1980's Raffi video I own called, and it wants its eyewear back. Even my grandmother doesn't wear those any more. So what can we, as a pool-observing audience, do? I think we should encourage the Women's Pool Association (or whatever it's called) to adopt strict rules about how its players look. There is precedent.


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The best part is that her name is Corr, so that in the mind of every single American she is in direct competition with this

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