Monday, August 21, 2006

I'm in love with Massachusetts with the radio on

Back from three days sleeping on a couch in Richman's state featuring four Yankee victories in Fenway park. These were slug festivals of the finest variety in which the new Abreu-tastic lineup stamped on middle relievers with relentless helmeted will. The underwhelming pitching matchups were correctly billed and the pace of the games (the teams were playing in most of my waking hours) pushed up the scoring further. It is not often pleasant to watch tired relievers getting flogged, and I can not imagine many people enjoyed these games, all of which were nationally televised. I did, however, as you might imagine. Added to that the satisfaction of rooting on the Yankees from within the depths of B hatted New England and it was an excellent time.
After Ortiz, Papelbon jerseys have passed Ramirez's in popularity there, as far as I can figure, despite Manny being their best player. With no computer it was startling to see Eric Hinske; I see now his price was but a PTBNL. That's two former All-Stars for nothing this August, though happily there have been no last minute pitchers. Why didn't they grab Mota, as a friend wondered? In short, a glorious sweepful weekend, and maybe more - Abreu just drove in Cabrera for a 1-0 lead in the fifth game.


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