Friday, January 25, 2008

I am a partisan.

But it just seemed noteworthy to me that the Twins spent money today, handing out huge contracts to (sham) 2006 MVP Justin Morneau and OF Michael Cuddyer. The numbers on it are six years, $80 millions for Morneau and three and $23 for Cuddyer. Clearly $100+ million could have been better spent on a Santana extension, especially that considering the two who got paid today both had arbitration years left. For months we've been hearing numbers between $120 and $150 millions being what Santana is looking for, either from the Twins, a possible team involved in a trade, or from his free agency next year.

Six More Years of Ugly
(Canadian jokes are not that funny)

I assume that the front office did not sink this money into the two much less valuable players who are still under their control without trying to get it to Santana first. (It is 2008, not 2000 - I don't believe that any GM could possibly misunderstand the value of his own players enough to prize Morneau over Santana.*) It follows, then, that they offered this cash and more to Johan first, and were rebuked. Therefore, unless the Twins have another $100+ million about (they do - but, well, here's the link) this makes them even less likely to retain their ace beyond this year, or possibly, beyond this offseason. So, you know, the chances of him ending up on my team seem larger to me today.

I can't believe I have just added to this most covered of topics on the overflowing internet. I feel like I just wrote an article condemning a Spears.

(*Aside: This is precisely the misvaluation that earned Morneau his MVP in the first place, over his more worthy teammates Santana and Joe Mauer.) There could also be a Bavasi jab here.

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Blogger Sycophantman said...

I thought this was going to be a Spears update, how disappointing.

Sun Jan 27, 09:05:00 AM EST  
Blogger Lord Benne said...

Let's see--you have three players on your roster. One is a pretty good hitter, one is a so-so hitter, and one is the best pitcher of his generation. Which one will you commit $100 million to?

At any rate, looks like Santana will be wearing pinstripes, either in '08 or '09. Joe Mauer will likely be joining him soon.

Mon Jan 28, 01:13:00 AM EST  

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